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2017 Civil Construction Industry Remuneration Survey

Drayton’s invites all civil construction industry employers to participate in the 2017 Civil Construction Industry Remuneration Survey. The survey will assist companies to review their salary outcomes and is designed and tailored specifically for the state-based Civil Construction and Resources sector. The survey and will cover the various industry positions and regions throughout the state.

The survey is user friendly and involves a questionnaire and short pre-arranged telephone interview which will be conducted throughout the month of April, with a scheduled release date of 5 May 2017. All data provided by your company is considered highly confidential and the final report will not mention company specific details. Please respond by email before Wednesday 5 April 2017 if you wish to participate.

There will be 3 states surveyed this year, being Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. There will be a separate survey published for each state. The survey cost will be on a state-basis:

  • $750.00 plus GST for non-participants

  • $650.00 plus GST for survey participants

CCF members will receive a 10% discount on the survey.

In addition, due to the spread of contractors into other states, a comprehensive package is available for copies of each of the Civil Construction Industry Remuneration Survey for the 3 eastern states (QLD, NSW and VIC). The cost of this package is:

  • $1,250.00 plus GST for non-participants

  • $1,100.00 plus GST for survey participants

CCF members will receive a 10% discount on the package.

The survey will cover remuneration data for the following positions:

Professional / Supervisory

  • Project Manager/Superintendent

  • Senior Project Engineer

  • Site/Project Engineer

  • Graduate Engineer

  • Senior Supervisor

  • Supervisor

  • Foreman

  • Safety Officer/Advisor

  • Customer Quality Representative

  • Environmental Officer

  • Senior Estimator

  • Junior Estimator

  • Surveyor


  • Administration Officer

  • Financial Controller

  • Accounts Officer (Payable/Receivable)

  • Finance Manager

  • Site Administrator

  • Cost Clerk

There will be a breakdown of the above classifications in the following work values:

  • Sub-division/Urban Works and Minor Projects (<$10M)

  • Medium Projects (<$100M)

  • Major Projects (>$100M)

Regions covered by the survey are:


  • South East Queensland

  • Gladstone

  • Wide Bay

  • North Queensland (incl Mt Isa)

  • South West Queensland (incl. Surat Basin)

  • Central Queensland (incl. Mackay and Bowen Basin)


  • Sydney

  • Newcastle and Hunter Region

  • South Coast

  • Central and North Coast


  • Melbourne and Surrounds

  • Gippsland (incl. Dandenong)

  • North West - Murray

  • South West (incl. Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat and Warnambool)

  • North East (incl. Wodonga, Wangaratta and Shepparton)

The following remuneration data will also be surveyed:

  • Base salary range

  • Superannuation contribution

  • Flexible Working Arrangements

  • Bonuses

  • Annual salary increases

  • Region specific Uplifts / Allowances

  • Non-salary benefits

  • (i.e. Car Allowances, Vehicles, IT Devices)

  • Insurances

If you require further information regarding the survey process or the type of remuneration data provided, please contact our offices

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