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​What’s new in Enterprise Bargaining?

A long wait… The Fair Work Commission is currently taking five months to process agreements. Agreements lodged in September/October 2018 are currently being processed for approval.

Minimum Engagements… The Modern Award minimum engagements for casuals, part time and weekend overtime are now considered part of the BOOT by the FWC.​

Construction Sector BOOT… Construction sector employees are being assessed against a 50 hour week for the BOOT. This means that the meal allowance and crib payment during overtime need to be factored into this BOOT against your Agreement.​

Explanation of Terms of Agreement… The FWC is requiring evidence and declarations to the effect that the terms of the Agreement were fully explained to the relevant employees. In particular the less beneficial terms of the Agreement against those of the Modern Award must be fully explained.​

Eligibility of casuals to vote… Only casuals that are engaged during the access period are eligible to vote for the approval of an Enterprise Agreement.​

Please contact Drayton’s on (07) 3831 7099 or if you would like further information. ​

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