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Awards with Individual Flexibility Agreements – The New Trend?

There is a trend for companies to utilise Individual Flexibility Agreements (IFAs) with Modern Awards as an alterative to Enterprise Agreements. Recent developments in the approval process of enterprise agreements with the Fair Work Commission and the subsequent need of ABCC approval of enterprise agreements has resulted in companies considering IFAs. An IFA can avoid a lengthy and evasive process that is occurring with FWC and ABCC approvals. An IFA can provide for variations to the payments in the Award, that may include differing hours of work, wage rates that absorb allowances and provide flat wage models. In brief terms, the advantages of the disadvantages of IFAs can be as follows: PRO

Licensing for Queensland Labour Hire Companies

The Queensland Government is expected to introduce mandatory licensing for labour hire companies in Queensland according to a media statement released by the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations. Queensland Labour Hire companies would need to comply with the following legal obligations: Pass a fit-and-proper person test; Ensure compliancy with workplace laws including superannuation, minimum wages and QLeave. Pay the licensing fees; Report regularly regarding business operations , payment of employees and requirements; Provide evidence of the number of employees engaged through visa arrangements and domestic employees. The legislation is expected to be implemented within the comi

Drayton's Salary Survey

The Drayton’s 2017 Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria Civil Construction Industry Remuneration Survey is now available! This year the civil survey is available for Queensland only or a combined survey package of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The survey continues to provide comprehensive information on professional, supervisory and administrative positions in the industry. Salary Ranges The survey will focus on the following salary ranges: <$10 million and residential $10 million > $100 million > $100 million Classifications Professional / Supervisory Project Manager/Superintendent Senior Project Engineer Site/Project Engineer Graduate Engineer Senior Supervisor Supervisor F

National Wage Increase

The 2017 National Wage review decision is a 3.3% increase to minimum Modern Award rates and/ the minimum wage. The increase is payable on the first pay period on or after the 1 July 2017. The relevant part of the decision is as follows; “We have determined that it is appropriate to increase the NMW and the factors identified in our decision have led us to award an increase of 3.3 per cent. The national minimum wage will be $694.90 per week, or $18.29 per hour. The hourly rate has been calculated by dividing the weekly rate by 38, on the basis of the 38-hour week for a full-time employee. This constitutes an increase of $22.20 per week to the weekly rate or 59 cents per hour to the hourly ra

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