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Queensland Procurement Policy

What does 'apply best practice' mean?

Queensland Procurement Policy

The Queensland Procurement Policy 2018 was quietly uploaded to the Queensland government’s website on 3 August 2018.

The Policy provides for the application of ‘best practice principles’ for all major projects valued at $100 million and above, and declared projects, in accordance with guidance issued by the Department of Housing and Public Works and the Office of Industrial Relations:

This will allow the government to assess the industrial relations arrangements of contractors on a subjective basis for government works. The public position is likely to avoid contractors engaging in non compliant behaviours in relation to employment arrangements. The private position may well be to appease union claims for a more regulated outcome on major projects and a value/weighting on industrial relations performance in a tender. This mechanism can only lead to the subjective assessment of industrial relations character of companies. The ‘best practice principles’ applied are as follows:

  1. Workplace health and safety systems standards

  2. Commitment to apprentices trainees

  3. Best practice industrial relations

  4. History of compliance with procurement, tendering and other government policy.

Indicators of best practice will include:

1. WHS systems standards

•Proven history of compliance with WHS laws, details of site management and approaches to WHS;

•WHS system that incorporates specific features;

•Policies and procedures.

2 Commitment to apprentices and trainees

  • Record of compliance with the Queensland Government Building and Construction Training Policy;

  • Evidence of workplace related training provided.

3. Industrial Relations

  • Risk assessment;

  • Site establishment and management;

  • Subcontractor management, including assessment and selection processes;

  • Conditions of employment, including agreements, common law contracts etc;

  • Labour productivity and lost time measures;

  • Approach to relationship management with employees and/or unions.

4. History of Compliance

  • Evidence of Past Performance

  • Advancement of government policy objectives

  • Compliance with government policy and undertakings made during tender

  • Terminated or suspended Queensland Government contracts within 2 years.

For comprehensive advice on Queensland procurement and projects, contract Drayton’s on (07) 3831

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